Gone wiki

3 December, 2008

Some of the pages on NotJustforChristmas.org are closed, mostly because we wanted the site to have the trappings of a website – you know, circular architecture, blind links, out-of-date pages…well not quite. However, it’s getting quite hard to keep the site up, particular for the live project, and that’s where you, dear reader, come in. The wiki pages are there for you to share and create a real collective knowledge bank. I put an example up for ‘Having an Ethical Christmas?‘ but no-one seems to want to follow suit. Are we making no ethical decisions this year? Let’s see what you’re all doing, and see how it can influence others to take that first step. Join up and have a go.


A new contribution to our Advent Calendar has appeared – and a new contributor!

Those nice people at WetPaint have let us go ad-free!

Actually, the experience of having the WetPaint site with ads was slightly surreal. Because the ads are selected through keyword tagging it meant we had sidebars advertising the best shopping, the best trees, and the best Christmas decorations available on the web. Hardly something for a site about ethical consumption!

Yet it took us a little while to decide, since having people surf though on the off-chance, whilst looking for that special bauble, might be quite useful. We’ll yet consider our decision to go ad-free.

In the meantime, here’s a word from our sponsors:

Arts and Humanities Research Council

Arts and Humanities Research Council

Wiki site at 90%

1 December, 2008

The wiki site is now at 90%, with most of the main content in – and not before time now that it’s 1st December. Now all the remains is for you, dear bloggers and wiki-ers, to start sharing.

Not Just for Christmas?

25 November, 2008

Well, we’ve set up the ‘Not Just for Christmas’ wiki. Now sure about what ‘Not Just for Christmas’ is?

Well, follow this link to find out!