Sunday Supplement

21 December, 2008

If you’re the sort of person to read the Sunday papers with your web browser open, you might be catching up with blogs about Christmas this final Sunday before the big day. In which case, have a glance at today’s Advent Calendar entry for an historical perspective on free trade, fair trade, and FairTrade. What relationship do we have with distant others in consuming?


Richard Holloway on NJfC

9 December, 2008

On Monday the Not Just for Christmas Advent Calendar had a terrific contribution from Richard Holloway. Tell us what you think of it, and who you’d like to see on the NJfC site!

Two-parter on NJfC

9 December, 2008

This weekend saw a two-parter on the ‘Not Just for Christmas‘ Advent Calendar, with a donation idea and news about a Fair Trade shop near the project’s home in Glasgow.

A message from Japan.

Who will it be?

A new contribution to our Advent Calendar has appeared – and a new contributor!