Credit Crrr-unch Christmas

10 December, 2008

We were reminded the other day of an incident last week which mixed up the two corporate messages of Christmas. The first one is ‘Keep the Christmas spirit alive by buying new gifts’. The second has a slightly new twist: ‘Save our financial year by buying big this Christmas’. This is helped by huge reductions and early seasonal sales. However, the message (despite TV spots and local bulletins) is not how we can have a frugal Christmas but how, by taking advantage of the low prices, we can buy More Things. Yes, that’s right – the credit crunch means more gifts, more packaging, more landfill waiting to happen.

Thanksgiving weekend is traditionally the time of year when stores measure the growth (or recovery) that might be promised by Christmas spending. Recovery, it seems,must come at any cost.

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One Response to “Credit Crrr-unch Christmas”

  1. Gordon Gibb Says:

    How I despise those who see it as their place to preach! Think of all the poor unfortunate hardworking people around the world within economies where tehy actually produce stuff whose livelihood depends upon our silly overconsumption habits in this country where we produce little and mouth off a lot. How about this sermon, “We are reminded of the people of produce our food who are on the breadline. Perhaps it would help them if we bought and ate more food this Christmas.” And I wish the last correspondent in particular a happy and plentiful Christmas and entreat him or her to eat as much as possible, and verily I say, “Make your contribution to helping the world by getting stuffed”.

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